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"An indie-pop dog chewin' on a jazz bone."

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"Husband/wife vocal/guitar duo...sounds like an Indie-Pop dog chewin' on a Jazz bone."

“What an awesome, dynamic duo! Great music with catchy melodies, smooth harmonies and skillful guitar licks! Quite entertaining!” - D. Luna, Claremont, CA

The Ordinary Two is a duo from Denver, CO whose creation has been a long time in the making. Guitarist Jim Disner (Jim Disner Trio, Three Squared) steps away from his usual electric avant-jazz style to join his wife, vocalist Tanya Disner, in laid-back, acoustic, indie-pop, with a lot of jazz flavor and sweet vocal harmonies. Jim has been an active guitarist and composer for over fifteen years, sharing the stage with artists such as Stanley Jordan and Ron Miles. Jim fell in love with Tanya when he first heard her sing. They married and raised a family, making music together in the privacy of their circle of friends and family. It only took him twenty years to convince her to show the world her voice. With the release of their first collection of original songs that reflect the influence of modern Americana acts like Edward Sharpe and M. Ward, everyone can now hear that voice and how together they harmonize like only soul-mates can.

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Single release November 5 2021

A haunting lament of the struggle to stay above the abyss while watching the world change before your eyes. Ever knowing that Love is the answer. 


Our upbeat, jangly, summertime song about killing...weeds!


Single release Oct 21 2020

A humorous song about patience and people-watching, or a deep question of identity, "Are you who you're supposed to be?" Stuck quarantined in our studio we venture far from our typical acoustic sound.

When The World Stops Ending

Single release Apr 9 2020

Our Covid-19 song. Written in late March 2020. Hopefully some silver linings come of this.

Find You

Single release Apr 15 2020

This song woke us up at 3am to be written - worried about someone close to us suffering from depression. We are all searching for ourselves. Can a sad song of guilt and regret help us heal old or chronic wounds?

Lesser Travelled Road

Single release Dec 19 2019

Our most auto-biographical song. Our friends Dave Simpkins and Antwon Owens join us on bass and drums.

The Ordinary Two

EP release Mar 19 2018


The Ordinary Two and Muchly Suchwise collaboration EP release Jan 1 2021

Upbeat! Danceable! Horns! Includes our much-requested "Siblings" plus a full band version of "I Was Wrong" and a disco-rock take on "The Sea".

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